HI and welcome to the CW lessons of the ITALIAN OM RELAY LEAGUE (ARI) - City of Milano year 2004 / 2005.

The lessons are available in .MP3 format and has been keyed by Mario IK2YRT and digitally recorded by Luca IW2CZG. Lessons are all beginning with 3 characters V and are ending with  ARVA because this is the typical way to open and close a Ham transmission.

I'm really sorry if you hear some rumors during the live MP3s but the lesson has been recorded in the classroom. Our intention was to really be silent but ... take them as they are: you'll have the feeling to be there together with us.

MP3 has been recorded in mono with 48 Kbit/sec sampling in order to keep the file in an acceptable size.

The files named "computer"  have exactly the same contents with the difference that has been computer-generated. The lessons are really quiet but they're are also "aseptyc". Their speed is 10 WPM and there is no separation beetween the groups of 5 characters. The lessons are supplied as they are; to download them just right-click on the link and save them on your hard drive. No macros or commands are included in the original Excel files.

Mario IK2YRT is the author of the CW lessons.

73 and have good times while learning CW.